OUT NOW: Photo Set Tuesday!

The Eagle has Landed! Or do I mean, the email has? Your inboxes will by now have been embraced by the wonder of our Photo Set Tuesday email, containing: Bad Girl humiliates Supremacy with a Redstone ring! Bella gets smashed by Requiem! Acolyte controls Captain Atom! And Bluebird gets double-teamed by Miss Suppression and Jacob Saint! It is all there waiting for you!


  • Any day that features new content from both Alias and Captain Liberty, two of my all-time favourites, is guaranteed to be a winner with me 😀

    Wonderful set with Super Alias, with her looking stunningly beautiful throughout, particularly when under control of the redstone ring.
    Great to see more Bella, and great to see more of the Carmen Black outfit too. Some nice action.
    Awesome set with Captain Liberty (including a few lovely shots of her breaking out into a wonderful grin). She looks amazing in the Lady Atom suit (but then it’s quite a similar look to her usual look).
    I hope Acolyte makes it into a video. As well as having a really cool look, I’d really love to see his power work in a video.

    And an excellent heritage set, with some wonderful posed and action shots with Bluebird and Miss Suppression. Great to see more of them, and I look forward to part 2.

    Thanks for another awesome photo-set Tuesday 🙂

    • The only way that a video would happen is if they do a behind-the-scenes video of a photo shoot (which has been known to happen in the past) for use as a member gift.

      But she’s a model, not an actress

    • She’s not interested in acting, I did ask her because she is stunning, but acting in our stuff is pretty difficult and she likely doesn’t fancy the bruises as an in demand model.

    • No not all. Canon videos are Episodes and Side Missions from Season 1-4 and everything on the On-Going Story tab.

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