OUT NOW: Photo Set Tuesday!

This week’s Photo Set Tuesday brings our wonderful Members access to Wonderstrike (in a Supergirl costume) fighting The Enforcer in our BIGGEST ever set, Aurora (in the Miss Freedom catsuit) getting squeezed by Alaric, A lovely Celestia posed set, and we go back to Miss Freedom’s ‘Secret Defeat’ where she poses alongside Miss Suppression and Pandora Gold. Open your emails now!


  • As I suspected, the Superstrike pictures landed at the top of my photoset favorites list immediately, right along with the SuperCelestia set that’s revisited in this week’s member gift.
    Excellent use of the chains in the Aurora set as well.

  • Four amazing sets that everyone should get.
    Wonderstrike looks great in the supergirl outfit. And wow! That was a huuuge set.
    As someone who’s more of a marvel fan than a DC fan, I can’t help imagining how perfect Wonderstrike would suit an Emma Frost/White Queen type outfit… oh my! I can dream, can’t I? Of course, she makes perfect Supergirl too.
    Celestia looks as lovely as ever.
    Some wonderful shots of Miss Freedom. And Miss Suppression in her shiniest catsuit!
    And a lovely debut from Aurora, totally rocking that Miss Feedom catsuit. She’s got a wonderfully expressive face, perfect for photosets. Can’t wait to see more sets from her, in a variety of costumes. Since those red gogo boots obviously fit, getting her in the Infinity Girl costume is a must!

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