OUT NOW: Photo Set Tuesday!

Members… your emails have arrived so check those inboxes! Alias in the Infinity Girl costume gets into deep trouble with Lady Nemesis, Majesty and Cyber Duke ‘duke it out’ with her in the Miracle Chick costume, Shining Spirit in the Angel costume gets decked and captured by Killscape, and we have a wonderful Celestia v Dominator Photo and Video Set from our classic release; ‘The Trial‘! All waiting for you to open!


  • I have a peculiarly specific question that is just a curiosity and not a gripe.

    Does the actress that plays Alias wear less eye makeup now than when she started? And if so, is there a reason? Again, I’m not complaining, but it’s just something I’ve seemed to notice in her more recent videos/photo shoots vs the ones she started with.

    It could be I’m just imagining things too, but again was just curious. Thanks for the great photo sets!

  • I usually never pick up photo-sets, but I felt compelled (apologies for the pun) to pick up Shining Spirit as Angel, and it was pretty great!

  • Awesome sets again
    Always wonderful to see more Alias. Shining Spirit looked gorgeous in the Angel outfit. The Miracle Majesty set was a whole lot of fun, and she was wonderfully expressive throughout.
    Great to get the Celestia set (and bonus video) and see that the heritage sets have reached season 4 🙂

  • Any fight where Lady Nemesis doesn’t dominate from begining to end makes no sense. Lady Nemesis should be the type of adversary that gives all the punches and suffers none in all her fights. There should always be an invencible villain that far surpasses all heroines, untouchable to all heroines, and who better than Lady Nemesis? (that’s a rethorical question). All heroines should be defeated by Lady Nemesis, like as if a rite of passage.

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