Out Now: Photo Set Tuesday

Yes, it is BACK! Our fortnightly stills extravaganza returns for the 50th time! We’re marking the milestone with some great sets, including the PST debut of Solaris, which is pretty special. Open your emails now for full details.


  • Darkwrath016 says:

    Just want to once again point out that Patriot Girl continues her perfect record of having the most amazing photosets ever. She’s had 10 plus photosets to date and every one of them has been top 5 material. And yes that math does math. Maybe I’m just super bias towards her (I am!) but that doesn’t take away from how amazing she looks in these things. I’ve honestly found her photosets better than a majority of the videos in the SHIP universe right now. This photoset is no exception.

  • I know I’m a bit late, but what an incredible slate of photosets this week! I especially want to praise the lighting in the Solaris pictures. The shadows in some of those photos were very effective.

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