OUT NOW: Photo Set Tuesday

Yes! On this spookiest of days, Photo set Tuesday returns! Bat-Alias doesn’t have chloroform immunity, Majesty under-estimates the Masked Man, Marvelette feels the Anvil’s squeeze, and Deceptress reappears in a modelling set from 2016. Open your emails!


      • That´s sad to hear, she had really grown on me, and she had developed amazing acting skills. Had improved a lot since her first videos I feel and you brought back some of my favorite costumes ever with her.

        Hope you at least keep the idea of a character like that, it was nice seeing old costumes return

      • Sad news. She was one of my favourites right from her first appearance.
        But I’ll just be grateful for all the videos, and the many photo-sets, that she did with you, which were all excellent.

  • 4 awesome sets 🙂
    Amazing action with Marvelette and Majesty. And the Masked Man was perfectly timed for Halloween. But just what was he doing with Captain Liberty’s costume? Looking forward to part 2.
    Some particularly lovely “comfy chair” shots with Deceptress.
    Bat-Alias was a highlight for me, looking wowza in that outfit! It’s been a while since Alias has been seen in video, so this photo-set with her was definitely appreciated 🙂

  • Hate to complain, but can we limit the photo sets to 1 GB or less ? The Bat-Alias set was 1.5 GB which is twice the size of the average NGC vid 🙂

    • Yes, there will be a few more like this, but we’re stopping that now. We really don’t need a resolution where you can see the texture of every eyelash. There is sometimes an eagerness to do things because you can, rather than stopping to think whether or not you should.

      • I always find it insane how a couple hundred frames are heavier than full videos with 30 or 60 FPS.
        As you say that quality is amazing to have (I take advantage of digital photography a lot in my job) but at the same time 99% won´t have an use for it besides initial curiosity or wow factor

  • A little disappointed in the bat alias set. I thought the costume would be a good fit for her. But it had mayor creases (i hope this is the correct word for it). At this great photo resolution it is obvious to see.
    On Majesty it is I think a tailor made fit and you see it fits perfect around her body and thus looking very good.

    • This is the difference by and large between fully bought costumes and bespoke tailoring. I wanted a Batgirl costume for photosets that was accurate to the 60’s TV show. These are mostly shipped from China and the size you get is a lottery in my experience. You can ask for whatever you want, but they send whatever is to hand. This will not be suitable for a video shoot.

    • I don´t think it´s fair to compare the custom made suits NGC makes for their actresses and something out of the shelf. I think that´s the point of Action Cosplay; testing the new actresses with cheaper costumes before making some tailor made for them as a specific character

      • I think it’s fair to compare and fair to point out that you can see the difference between tailor made and off the shelf.
        The price of the set is the same. Even more because of more photo’s. The quality is less because of this.

  • Those Marvellette boots are the perfect match for the costume. You previously had opaque boots but these new ones in the latest videos and photo sets are a total improvement visually besides being tighter on the leg as well!

  • Regardless of the inadequacies of the batgirl costume, this was still an excellent photo set. The Alias actress fills out the costume most satisfactorily; dare I say she fills out the costume better than anyone else who has performed in it, and is on a par with the original Batgirl, Yvonne Craig. This actress has managed to look just right for the part of not just one, but two iconic heroines, first Supergirl and now Batgirl. This makes all the more sad that she has decided to move on from NGC; I would love to seen her in action as Batgirl.
    Regarding the costume, the design is not bad, rather like the original Batgirl costume. It is a little wrinkly around the knees and elbows, and that won’t do, and I would prefer the old velvety lavender gloves and booties for old time’s sake. I think a costume along this design might work well. Incidentally, I have long been of the opinion that the virtually painted on tightness of the original Batgirl costume may have been a happy accident. The costume looked suspiciously similar to one used by one of the villains’ girlfriends in seasons one and two. My speculation is that when they put it on Yvonne Craig, with her stronger and more athletic build, it came out tighter than they had been hoping for.

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