OUT NOW: Photo Set Tuesday!

OUT NOW for Members who open their emails! Photo Set Tuesday stars Astral-Bluebird in a battle with the demonic Damian… Miracle Bella is in a decisive battle with Killscape… Captain Shadow takes on Sable Shadow… And Red Glory and Wonderstrike do a lot of posing in our classic set. Open your emails!


  • The Shadowstar costume deserves to be its own NGC MVP. Everyone looks fantastic in it. Hopefully a new/current heroine can adopt it full time.

  • Awesome sets!!!
    Oh My! Miracle Bella in collar and chain 😮 And some really expressive facial reactions throughout.
    Always a pleasure to see the Captain. That smouldering stare she’s giving during the crouched posed … wow! Plenty of awesome action with Sable Shadow (nice to see her back so soon), and I’m always a suck for an underfoot victory-pose.
    Lovely to see Red Glory and Wonderstrike in the heritage set, turning the cuteness factor up to 11. Especially some of those adorable poses Red Glory pulls 🙂
    And just look at how those baddies tower over the heroines!
    And finally the gorgeous and glamorous Astral Amazon. Wow! I think I may have fallen even deeper for her with this set! And the good news is I only have to wait a few more days to see more of her 😀

    Thanks for another excellent photo-set Tuesday 🙂

  • The Bella set made me very happy. I like how she’s stretching out a little, into….props =)
    Nice to see Wonderstrike paired up with her ol’ buddy Red Glory again, too.
    Another great photo set. Thank you NGC.

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