OUT NOW: Photo Set Tuesday!

OUT NOW for Members who open their emails… Photo Set Tuesday has landed… Slave-Solaris continues to suffer at the hands of Lady Nemesis, Patriot-Girl in the Marvelette costume under-estimates the Announcer, Lightstalker doesn’t under-estimate Nemesis but it doesn’t matter, and Infinity-Girl is our classic set! Open your emails!


  • A spectacular offering!
    Wow! The Slave-Solaris set was simply stunning!!! Patriot-Girl and the Announcer were a whole lot of fun, and her eyes perfectly mesmerized by that redstone. Awesome action with Lightstalker, and a rather fun ending.
    That Infinity Girl set has been high on my most-wanted list for a while, and wow, it lived up to my expectations!

    Thanks for another amazing photo-set Tuesday 🙂

  • Damnit man, for a heroine who’s pretty resistant to mind control, Patriot Girl has shown twice this year she looks incredible when it’s used on her. (Still choked we won’t see a follow-up to Imitation girl, nbd…)

    Also, the photosets really deliver for those of us who can’t buy every video we’d like to. It’s a fun, comic-bookish way to support characters and scenarios even if you can’t pick up videos on release day. (In case anyone still needs to be convinced to become a member, this is one reason!!)

  • Just got the new one from my favorite girl Lighstalker. Excellent set. Although this release is filled with some bittersweetness since her future here on NGC is uncertain…

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