OUT NOW: Photo Set Tuesday

OUT NOW for Members who open their emails…. Photo Set Tuesday is back as Solaris tries to use Dreamweaver’s powers on Acolyte, Galaxia in the Black Widow costume takes on Sable Shadow and her sledgehammer, Captain Liberty as Supergirl runs into a familiar problem against the Crazed Convict, and Infinity-Girl looks resplendent in the classic Miss Freedom costume. OPEN YOUR EMAIL!


  • Love the pic set of Galaxia, but then I’d love any set of Galaxia as she is just incredibly beautiful and my favorite! I don’t want to seem bad, but it would have been nice if the zipper on her jacket was pulled down just a tad lower. Is the shoulder emblem on her jacket the Elite Force emblem? Still kinda new to a lot of this. And it looks like the same boots in her Rookie pic set/video. I wonder if there will be a video to this. I hope so. Thanks and I look forward to the next Galaxia set or video.

  • The Solaris set of being chloro’d and restrained at the same time is great. Galaxia being roped and gagged is great too. Super Liberty and Infinity Girl round up this week’s great sets ! 🙂

  • Awesome sets 🙂
    As a lifelong Marvel fanboy, it was certainly a treat to see Galaxia in the Black Widow suit, and looking amazing.
    The suit looks much better quality (and a better fit) than the previous Black Widow suit, worn by Silver Bullet

    • I’ve checked and the photo set email was soft bounced back to us. Lot’s of possible reasons for this, the main one is if your inbox is full. I’ve emailed you with greater detail on this, so we’ll see if that gets through.

      • I dunno what’s happening, been on the list for almost the whole time it’s been available.

        I just went ahead and resigned up for the list.

  • Hi,

    First of all, Solaris chloroform photos are by far the best I’ve ever seen.
    This is fantastic.

    I would like you to mentioned if there is a chloroform scene in the photo set or other episodes too because I almost missed this great chloroform photo set.

    Anyhow, I swear this solaris photoset is the best one I ever seen.
    So wonderful, thank you.

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