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OUT NOW for Members who open their emails, Photo Set Tuesday has landed! Super-Majesty didn’t expect THIS result when she pulled on the famous costume! Lady X and Wonderstrike appear to be taking a nap! While Infinity-Girl seems to be enjoying herself! Don’t miss all the magic, open your email!


  • Excellent sets 🙂
    Super-Majesty was a lot of fun. Nice action, and she pulls some really wonderful facial expressions. Not sure exactly what she’s reacting to at the end there, so looking forward to part 2 to find out.
    Wonderstrike looking lovely in Virtue white. Another creepy form of attack from the Masked Man, and Wonderstrike sells the reaction so well.

    Awesome action between Lady X and Iron Mistress. I never noticed before, but Iron Mistress reminded so much of Myanna in this set. She could be her little sister.
    Not sure if this is just a one off, or her proper NGC character, but either way, I hope it’s not the last we see of the actress as a heroine. Even if just over at ActionCosplay.

    Anyone interested in seeing a girl/girl cradle carry (I’m sure I’ve seen it mentioned before) should definitely buy this set!
    Lady X is as lovely as always, with some gorgeous posed shots, and some impressive kicks.

    Speaking of gorgeous posed shots and impressive kicks… that Infinity Girl set was wonderful.

    Thanks for another awesome Photo-Set-Tuesday 🙂

  • I really hate the virtue outfit. But for the first time it really looked good on an actress. So Wonderstrike is rocking it. Love Majesty as always. Her facial expressions are the best.
    Lady X is just gorgeous.

  • Definitely disagree with the guy above. Virtue was a babe and the outfit looked great on her. Any outfit that includes those otk white boots is an automatic win for me.

    As for Iron Mistress, I am not sure how I would feel if she gets stuck playing a villainess on the main NGC roster. On one hand I greatly prefer f/f fights and so of course I love seeing more women added to the roster of baddies. On the OTHER hand villains generally dominate most fights (for obvious reasons, lol) and this actress seemed to be REALLY good at selling the “Super powerful heroine slowly loses her confidence” thing. So it would be a shame to no longer see her in that sort of role.

    Then again, some of the more brutal finishes happen in alternate endings where the heroine defeats the baddie, so she may still get a chance to show off her ability to sell. I just don’t want all of her vids to be where she dominates for 95% of the runtime, but then loses via one punch in an alternate ending, lol.

    • I agree with all of that, with the one exception being that my personal preference is for m/f fights (probably puts me in the minority) … which is another reason that it would be a shame not to see her as a heroine again.
      There’s only been a few times I can think off the top of my head where a villainess has been in a m/f fight : Miss Suppression v Rex – Malicia v Dr Progress – Sin v Snare
      (hmm, that’s my three favourite villainesses too)

      • The funny thing is that it’s also extremely rare to get a villainess vs villainess fight. I remember enjoying the Dominator vs Virtue/Vice video where you actually got to see Dominator get destroyed by another villainess. But yeah….pretty rare stuff. I guess we are both screwed, lol.

  • Well, I’d love it if Iron Mistress joins the ranks of star villainesses in the NGC. There are a lot of great heroines right now, but great villainesses are harder to come by and it seems like many of the best haven’t appeared much recently. I’ll buy a video just because Malicia, Sin, or the Dominator is in it, no matter who they’re fighting. I’d love another standout bad girl. I can’t think of another performer who’s been a heroine on one site and villain on another, but I bet this actress is versatile enough to do it.
    As for the Virtue costume, I was not prepared for how terrific Wonderstrike looks in it. I wasn’t a big fan of Virtue but the problem wasn’t the costume, which Celestia wore to sensational effect in a photoset fighting Snare as I recall and in her “7th Hell” video. I bet it would look fantastic on Lightstalker or Patriot-Girl as well.

  • What is this Virtue slander that I’ve walked into today. That is not going to slide with me. She’s one of the GOATs of NGC as far as I’m concern and two of NGC’s best ever videos are Virtue (Vice) videos.

    • Seriously…I don’t understand the shit talking about the way a former actress looked. Could just simply complement Wonderstrike and not take a dump on Virtue in the process….?

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