OUT NOW: Photo Set Tuesday

Already in the inboxes of our amazing Members: Photo Set Tuesday has landed! We welcome April with some wonderful sets starring Miracle Maiden in a KO-fest against Malicia, Chiara with the impossible task of defeating Lady Nemesis, Patriot-Princess struggling hard against Sable Shadow AND a special Deceptress & Miss Freedom set from 2017. All waiting for you right now in your emails!


  • Oh wow, what a treat to get some unseen Celestia and Malicia, in their Miracle Maiden and Feline Fury guises. Both ladies still absolutely stunning, and delivering great action. Especially loved Miracle Maiden waking up at the end, only to immediately fall unconscious again 😀

    Welcome aboard Chiara. An excellent debut, and she’s really rocking the Lady Atom outfit. Lady Nemesis seems to be having a lot of fun toying with the newbie.
    Amazing to see Patriot-Girl in the Princess outfit again. She looks gorgeous. And nicely tied at the end.
    And some lovely classic shots of Deceptress and Miss Freedom to round out the week.

    Thanks for another awesome photo-set Tuesday 🙂

  • Overall the sets were great. Liked to see Sable Shadow, Celestia and Feline Fury make an appearance. Good to see Patriot Princess roped up too 🙂

  • Darkwrath016 says:

    Patriot Girl continuing that ever impressive streak of rocking any costume she’s in. The Princess attire being no exception. Honestly, her just posing in that outfit was enough. But then her losing battle with Sable Shadow just took it over the top for me. What a woman!

  • Three really good photosets! I look forward to seeing Chiara in action if she makes the jump to video. Patriot-Girl is one of those performers who looks spectacular in any outfit, and the Princess costume is a particularly good suit for her (“Control Freak” is a must-have if you don’t and like this look). And wow… Celestia! The boxing thing is always a bit silly to me, but that doesn’t detract at all from how fire Celestia and Malicia are in this photoset.

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