OUT NOW: Photo Set Tuesday!

Out NOW for Members… Photo Set Tuesday is now in your inbox! Alias part 2 of her fight with Sable Shadow, and it’s not looking good for her! Miss Freedom in the Bluebird costume appears with have acquired Bluebird’s weaknesses! Shining Spirit’s battle with Dr Progress is one for the ages! AND Classic posing Bluebird in our heritage set to round things off. Happy Tuesday! Open your email!


  • More awesome sets 🙂
    Alias is gorgeous posing in the Miss Freedom catsuit, and the continuation of the fight with Sable Shadow is great. Alias spends a lot of it on the ground… and I’m not complaining 😆
    Of course, Miss Freedom herself is a legend, and she’s still got it, and is looking amazing. Some great action. The Darkheart appearing at the side of the screen with a sledgehammer gave me a good chuckle. MF managed to convey Bluebirds ‘second wind’ well in photo form. Looking forward to the continuation.

    The Shining Spirit set was exceptional. She’s gorgeous in the initial posing portion, and the action with Dr Progress is excellent. As usual the Doc is so fun to watch.
    As I said earlier in the week, I’d love to see a video with these two (though, looking now, I’m pretty sure that’s probably him in the Nemesis outfit fighting her in ‘Test of Faith’ )

    An excellent blast from the past with Bluebird. Some lovely ‘comfy chair’ shots (you know I’m a fan of those 😉 )… and now I know where the picture of her in the “Characters” menu came from 🙂

    Thanks for another awesome Photo-Set Tuesday 🙂

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