OUT NOW! Photo Set Tuesday!

Open your inboxes, because Photo Set Tuesday has landed! Bella-Atom gets squashed by 3 formidable Villains at once! Super-Galaxia ends up KO’d in chains! Maria ends up in a familiar position for the costume she’s wearing! And of course we’ve got a Comet Girl special… Don’t miss them!


  • I know sweat marks on costumes are mostly a side effect of shotting on hot days and certain fabrics making tem more noticeable, but damn they do add realism when they show up.

    Unintended but I dig them. Someday you should made another video like that one in tre Training Room days where Angel was locked in an increasingly hotter room and tasked with performing different objectives (or better yet, do a fight this time) I remember really liking seeing her hair getting messier as the video went on as well

  • Awesome set with Bella. Some lovely solo shots. Especially starting off with her mid-laugh. 3 v 1 is quite a brutal beatdown, especially when it’s those 3. Great action.

    There’s no two ways about it… Galaxia looks breathtaking!
    Some fun action, as Lady Nemesis humiliatingly humbles her at every turn. And that before we even get to the collar and chains. Oh-boy!

    I think I love maria a little more each time I see her, but now, seeing her in my favourite costume… and Wow! does she fit it well!!! 😮 When it comes to giving her her own outfit, something along these lines would be fine by me.
    Amazing set, amazing action. I’ve already re-watched her video 3 times this week in preparation, and now I’m ready to do it again. While another video might be some ways off, I hope there’s still plenty more photo-sets of her already in the can.

    D’aaww. This must feature some of favourite ever Comet-Girl pics. It perfectly showcases her unique brand of super cuteness, enthusiasm, high-kicks and infectious smiles. Seriously, this set could cheer me up after a bad day 🙂

    • Agreed on the ideas for Maria´s costume when she gets one. She is wearing those catsuits to perfection and before this silver bullet we were lacking catsuited heroines while we got plenty of leaotards and some skirs (Cap Liberty and Patriot Girl)

  • I’ll make this short and sweet: great photo sets all around. The ladies all looked great, but I must say, my favorite set this week was Belle squaring off against three villains. In the end, they were just too much for her. Loved the shots of her lying unconscious at their feet after a brutal beating, but boy did she look great being carried away by the evil three in those last few shots. Again, great sets overall, and Comet Girl still thrills me!

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