OUT NOW: Photo Set Tuesday!

Open your inboxes! Photo Set Tuesday has landed! Struggles abound for our heroines as Solaris, Patriot-Girl, Captain Atom, and Miss Freedom all meet dangerous perils, will they prevail? The answer is in your emails.


  • More great sets 🙂
    Solaris and Sin both looking lovely in their colour coordinated red outfits. Some nice action and chloro, and plenty of gorgeous posing.
    Some particularly excellent facial-expression work from Patriot-Girl, as well as some great redstone fun, and a fetching set of collar and chains.
    Anything with Captain Liberty is a guaranteed highlight for me, and this is no exception. Some lovely shots, awesome action, and nice to see more Sable Shadow (loved her outfit in this)
    Some stunningly beautiful shots of Miss Freedom. I mean wow! And some nice action against the creepy Masked Man. The lipstick mark left on the chloro rag was a nice touch.

    Thanks for another wonderful Photo-set Tuesday 🙂

  • Darkwrath016 says:

    Every time I say to myself “maybe I don’t LOVE Patriot Girl as much as I think” something comes out (whether it be a photoset or a video) that puts into stark clarity that this actress is drop dead gorgeous and stunning. I’d very much like to know what is this special ability she has in looking amazing in EVERY. COSTUME. SHE WEARS! What is that!?!? Needless to say, I enjoyed the Patriot Girl photoset. And the Solaris one as well.

  • Ginaaaaaaa says:

    Good Morning

    Wow really, when I saw this new preview of the SIN vs SOLARIS fight photoset, I noticed the use of a beautiful new technique or submission from him, how interesting is the combination of full nelson with heavy pressure on the waist from the back, which he can continue with.

    It slowly makes Solaris’s eyes cross and it’s very nice and attractive.

    I hope he uses this new submission in SIN and CHAOTICA vs SOLARIS videos or other superheroes. My brother will definitely buy this beautiful photoset soon, and the rest of this week’s Tuesday photosets was relatively good.

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