OUT NOW: Photo Set Tuesday

OUT NOW for Members… Photo Set Tuesday is back! This time we’ve got Alias as Athena battling Killscape, Miss Freedom in Bluebird costume in her final fight with a Darkheart, Chiara as SG takes on Chaotica and her green rock, and Hotshot does battle with Malicia from 2017. All you’ve got to do is open your emails!


  • Awesome sets, once again 🙂
    Excellent (and huge) set with Alias, looking stunning in the Athena costume. Lots of lovely posing, and some nice action.
    Great action with the legendary Miss Freedom in the Bluebird outfit (“Freebird” surely 😉 ) still looking gorgeous, even while getting manhandled and stomped.
    Chiara and Chaotica are an absolute blast 😆 you can almost hear them talking smack to each-other at one point. A whole lot of fun.
    Ooooh Hotshot! Like I said, I’ve been looking forward to this one getting re-released ever since Photo-Set Tuesday started… and I was not disappointed. Good lord, what a beauty!!!
    And the presence of Malicia Divine is another bonus.

    Thanks for another excellent Photo-Set Tuesday 🙂

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