OUT NOW! Photo Set Tuesday!

You should already have received your emails, but if you’re here first let’s show you what we’ve got!

Majesty the First takes on the nefarious Snare! Celestia gets in a tough fight with the Enforcer! Miss Freedom in the Spectrum costume in part 2 of her battle with the Anvil! …and of course this week’s re-release of solo Lucy Zillion. Open your emails!


  • I’m late getting to the photos this week, but this is the best slate of photosets ever, IMO. The Majesty set alone is not only epic (264 images) but is already among my favorite sets of all time. If anyone is wondering “do I need another Celestia photoset?” the answer is absolutely yes. If you don’t have any? Whoa, get this one. And the Miss Freedom set? It’s an essential continuation of the previous collection with her and the Anvil. I’m not one to jump on the “we’ve gotta get a video with X heroine in Y’s costume” bandwagon, but we’ve gotta get a video with Miss Freedom in Spectrum’s costume!
    Along with the Majesty sisters appearing together Friday’s release, the only thing that would make this week better is some extra video of Wonderstrike’s spectacular fight against the Anvil.

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