OUT NOW! Photo Set Tuesday!

Yes, it is here again, another stupendous Tuesday where we bring you 3 NEW Photo Sets and 1 Classic set. Shining Spirit takes on a convict villain monster, and she’ll need more than just second wind to beat him! Miss Freedom goes catsuited against Nemesis, but however she’s dressed, she always seems destined to lose against the Dark God! Wonderstrike fights a rather evil looking Aurora, and this one goes to the wire! Plus of course, some classic posed Celestia shots taken during THIS SHOOT. If you want these sets, you’ll need to open the email we sent you just a few hours ago!


  • Awesome photo sets,once again 🙂
    Beautiful Celestia set!!! ‘Friend or Foe?’ was the first video I saw with Celestia in, so that was nice to see.
    Shining Spirit set was amazing, and really makes me look forward to seeing more videos with her. (and she totally rocks the Bluebird suit)
    Gorgeous set with Wonderstrike and Aurora! oh my!
    And that was quite possibly my favourite ever Miss Freedom set.

  • Miss Freedom is gorgeous, a rare jewel. Any chance we see Aurora or Shining Spirit in action? Both look really promising. Aurora just rocks in Spectrum costume! Just like Shining rocks as Bluebird.

    • Shining Spirit will be appearing in video. Aurora is primarily a model and doesn’t have a stage combat background, so we can’t really do that with her.

      • Aw, really?
        That’s too bad.
        I was just going over that photo set and thought that the Aurora actress would be a good candidate for a new Steel Sister / Powerstar.

  • I now wanna see the Shining Spirit/New Marvelette actress in anything!! She looks awesome no matter what she is wearing

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