OUT NOW: Photo Set Tuesday!

Yes, yes! It’s Photo Set Tuesday time again! Could this be our best PST ever? Alias in Bluebird form gets crushed by Bad Girl & Nemesis in 238 Photos! Super-Majesty gets destroyed by the Enforcer and a Green Rock in a BIG 295 Photos! Meanwhile Lady X in the Shadowstar costume makes the mistake of taking on the Masked Man in 195 Photos! To cap it all, we’ve got a re-release of Erica & Celestia’s posed set from 2014. You should already have your emails. Enjoy!


  • 4 great sets 🙂
    Some of my favourite Celestia pictures were in that set. Happy to have them in my collection. Some lovely Erica smiles in there too.
    Awesome Super-Majesty set. Is that the biggest set yet? Talking of size… check out the height difference between her and the Enforcer!
    Once again, Lady X has an amazingly expressive face perfect for photo sets. Nice to see the Masked Man again, too. It’s been a while.
    Last but certainly not least, the always lovely Alias. This was the highlight for me. Amazing set!

  • The Alias actress is quickly becoming a favorite based in looks and how she seems to fit every custome she borrows!

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