OUT NOW! Photo Set Tuesday!

Yes, it’s back again! Photo Set Tuesday should already have landed in Members inboxes. Majesty boxes the Duke, Captain Liberty makes the error of facing Nemesis, Infinity Aurora struggles against Alaric, and we’ve got classic Athena for you too! Better open those emails!


  • Excellent sets once again. Maybe some of the best.
    A very fun (and very huge) set with Majesty. You can tell from the photos that she has great chemistry with Duke. It would be nice to see them in a video together.
    Awesome Captain Liberty set (but then everything with Captain Liberty is awesome 😀 ) and that’s a handy collar that Nemesis has.
    Wonderful Aurora set. Love all her sets, but she particularly rocks that Infinity Girl costume. Some great posed action with Alaric.
    Interestingly, both the Captain Liberty set and the Aurora set feature a brief moment where the heroines break out into a bigger than usual grin, which was lovely to see. Someone behind the camera telling jokes?

    For the first time, I already had the Athena set from a previous occasion, but it’s a gorgeous set, that everyone who doesn’t have yet should definitely get

    • So far I’ve only seen the Majesty/Duke set, but let me second Guido84’s recommendation. Very few performers are expressive as Majesty, in videos and stills, and she definitely has good chemistry with the Duke. I would watch a rom-com starring these two. Given their titles, it would make great sense for them to appear in a video together. He could even become her bete noire (I hesitate to say “nemesis” because everyone already has one of those!)

  • The Majesty actress always looked good but somehow looks even better now! She is wearing the newer costume right? That shade of blue looks even better on her!

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