Members, you have your emails for Photo Set Tuesday… This time we’ve got Alias (in Angel costume), Majesty (in Athena costume), new Starshot, and classic Shadowstar (plus video) to enjoy. If you’ve not opened your email yet, go do it!


  • Thanks you for another 4 amazing photo sets!
    Alias continues to melt my heart 🙂 Loved the costume on the bad girl too (needs to be used in a video)
    It was lovely to see Athena’s costume in action again, and the new Majesty was perfect for the role. If she wasn’t already Majesty II, she would be a definite choice for Athena II (but why not both?… I can dream, right?).
    Wonderful set with Starshot, with a nice surprise appearance by Celestia at the end too.
    The Shadowstar set was cute. Particularly with both girls trying hard to keep a straight face on some shots.
    I totally missed seeing that here was a video in the folder too!!! Just off to watch it now

    • Yes the video in the Shadowstar set is really nice. I’d forgotten all about it. Alias is a winner, I hope we do lot’s with her. Hopefully Majesty as well. I’m glad you enjoyed them.

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