OUT NOW: ‘Power’ at ActionCosplay.com

OUT NOW at ActionCosplay.com – ‘Power’ stars Power-Woman in a power struggle in front of a global audience. She claims to be the strongest of all Federation heroines past and present… and claims that despite recent losses, the Federation would be crazy to admit men into its hero program. Authoritarian is one such male ‘hero’ who does not appreciate this, and aims to prove her wrong!


  • You’ve done it again! 😀 Another sensational casting.
    I was instantly sold on the new heroine. Starting off very cocky and sure of herself (with a few really sweet grins thrown in, as she was enjoying herself) before the tide turned.
    She handled the combat and the beatdown excellently. I was particularly impressed with the way she conveyed disbelief at getting hurt.
    The Authoritarian (who was awesome too) really takes her down a few pegs, and the actress is a joy to watch as it happens, right through to the humiliating end in chains.
    Outstanding debut.
    And they gorgeous photo-set really shows her off too.

    Can’t wait to see more of her in the future. I can predict she’ll be another firm favourite 🙂

  • Yeah, this one was really enjoyable. The actress here was fantastic, and I would happily purchase any future releases she’s in (hopefully she’ll get added to the NCG roster at some point). I also though the idea for her opponents was really good. We haven’t really seen the disenfranchised “hero” character outside of maybe the 1 appearance by the original Captain Liberty way back when A character like that I think would go along way in either universe.

  • Fabulous video, stunning and very talented heroine. Her acting and character skills are amazing. Can’t wait to see more from her. She suits the power woman role so well. Hats off to the two males too, fantastic work from them. Just a all round amazing video and I’m sure she will be lots of people’s new favourite. I’ve def added her to my fav list 😉

  • Overall the video was good. I like it when one of the villains stand back and watch the fighting. It’s an indirect insult to the superheroine that they only need 1 of them to defeat her. I like the villains’ idea of capturing all of the Federations’ superheroines ! 🙂

  • This one is absolutely sensational. The performance of this new actress is beyond praise. She portrays the confidence flawlessly. When the first hit from the weaker thug lands, the recognition of the pain is so tastefully disclosed that perfectly sets up the later realization that she’s at the beating end of the fight. I also love the way she gasps for air when the thug hits her throat. All these hits register damage on her scantly protected body. Can’t wait to see more from her!

    The other thing that makes this one unique is the lack of soundtrack. The whole video is dead silent but the fight itself. It adds so much realism and furthers the peril. This is an amazing work of art.

    • Yes, I noticed that about the lack of soundtrack.
      Other videos (that I recall off the top of my head) that also didn’t have a soundtrack were “The Bluebird Show” (except for when she’s answering viewer questions at the start), Alias’s “Searching for Back Up” and Ubiquity’s “Double Bluff”.

      There may be other’s that I don’t recall

      • I remember that from the Alias and Ubiquity’s outings. Meant to comment on that as well back then!

        Love when the acting alone carries the tension and the peril. That’s when you know NGC has found the right stars.

  • Charlie Lecheng Zeng says:

    Please have her more and more… if possibly making Power-Woman a returning role or a A-list super-heroine with more and more usual appearances and exploits (or humiliations definitely!) – To say the least, she/Power-Woman is by now my favourite character/super-heroine on this website without a doubt, and no one else even comes close in a competition between her all other NGC/AC characters heroines and villains alike! This super-heroine strength, confidence, and voice that she demonstrates is without a doubt a perfect suit for Power-Woman, which I feel like couldn’t find a more perfect match (in my own mind) among the list of NGC/AC characters. She should be made a true crown jewellery (of heroine characters maybe), just as she says she’s never lost a fight. A real gem! Thank you all for bringing this actor and this super-heroine character to life, who is second to none really!

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