OUT NOW: Seeing Double!

OUT NOW at ActionCosplay.com – ‘Seeing Double’ stars Metro-Girl and Supremacy Beta as they get wrapped up in each others business, but far worse, they get into the business of the New Power Generation mastermind: #1! All the action is here for you to enjoy!


  • Man, the facepunches look sweet!! Why arent more videos with this great facepunches made more often? Obviously the girls can performer them admirably, looking great on camera.

  • The ongoing story of Action Cosplay still lingers in this video through the background of the Supremacy program, Metro-Girl’s fugitive status still hanging over her, and the implication of a sinister NPG plan moving forward. That’s great because I think it’s an interesting world, but in the last year or so AC has served as a playground for new talent and fun ideas. This video has a bit of both, because the “double Supergirls” effect creates some great visuals and we get another look at relative newcomer Patriot-Girl in her AC identity. Her fight with Metro-Girl is appropriately catty, with the two exchanging nearly as many verbal barbs as punches (but plenty of those) before NPG leader #1 arrives.
    Finally meeting the head of NPG helps give the video more appeal to me, and he definitely has a familiar “arch-nemesis” vibe (as he should, of course.) I also loved seeing those balloon chairs incorporated into the plot! I very much hope to see what happens next. That ending left me on the edge of my seat (so to speak.)
    An observation: Metro-Girl was initially introduced as a power-suited heroine who would lose her abilities if her suit was turned off or damaged, but here she is in a Supremacy costume with the strength to go toe-to-toe with a real Supremacy. We don’t know much about the “Supremacy program,” apart from the beta/alpha ranking that entrants work through, but this suggests to me that maybe the Supremacys, like Metro-Girl, get their powers from their costumes. Maybe they’re like the suit in “Greatest American Hero,” in which case NGC needs to start playing the Joey Scarbury theme song whenever a Supremacy appears in AC.

    • The photoset is stupendous! These huge collections really create a lot of opportunities to see more creative pictures and bring out the actress’s personalities.

  • Super video!!! 😀
    I echo all of Dr Mabuse’s praise. I loved the two being catty towards each other. Metro-Girl childishly mimicking what Supremacy just said had me laugh out loud 😆 The pair had a great fight, and it was a fun gimmick to have them both dressed in the same costume (and such an iconic one).
    Both actresses gave amazing performances. I think Metro-Girl/Wonderstrike is at the top of her game right now. And Supremacy/Patriot-Girl has settled in and is showing what she can do (and wow, she totally evokes Helen Slater while wearing that SG suit)

    And a fun performance from the big-bad, too. I loved that end fight. I’ve mentioned it a few times before, but one bad-guy overpowering two heroines is just my favourite kind of fight. And this was a great example. Loved the slapping too. Definitely adds a touch of humiliation when slaps are used in a fight.

    The huge photo set was amazing. Lots of lovely shots of both heroines, a nice bit of action, and a good dose of fun… like the shots of them chilling reading the magazines, while still eyeing each-other with suspicion. Very fun and filled with personality 🙂

  • Great video NGC. Always enjoy seeing Wonderstrike and Patriot-Girl in their Supremacy guises.
    Patriot-Girl is really knocking it out of the park. The storylines in the videos she’s been involved with so far, seem truly inspired and she never misses a beat.
    Even the Wonderstrike actress, who usually puts on a stellar performance, seemed to up her game (so to speak) a little in this video.
    Enjoyed the jumbo-sized photo set as well.
    …btw, wasn’t the actor seen in this video the same one who once played the character of James Roman in the early days of this website?
    Anyway, great job and a round of applause to everyone involved with this production.

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