• Great match! 🙂
    The Shining Spirit actress is really amazing at doing the action. It’s so natural, she’s a joy to watch.
    And a nice debut from Vicious Vicky, who really lived up to her name. The pair really ripped up that ring.

  • I have the say, the actress that plays Shining Spirit (and New Marvelette at AC) is such a find! Bless you for ever hiring her.

  • As beautiful as she is talented, Shining Spirit turns in another great performance, a real standout among the new cast of heroines.
    Vicious Vicky really impressed as well, and is a great new addition as a villainess
    Cant wait to see both ladies back in action soon

  • This is a terrific fight. The combat in Championship matches is usually high-level, but it’s been some time since we’ve seen a match this good on that front.
    There’ so much to love about this video. First, Vicious Vicki is really good! She’s as strong an actress as she is a fighter, which is a wonderful combination and raises my hopes that she’ll turn up outside of the Championship in some capacity. She’s brutal enough to justify her name, but Shining Spirit is equally unrelenting. Despite her pious tone, she’s an aggressive combatant, driven hard by the certainty of her convictions. With two talented fighters going this hard the video is a guaranteed winner.
    Shining Spirit… wow, she’s breathtaking. Incredible talent, spectacular beauty, just the total package for a NGC performer. I can’t wait for her to appear in the main story, and her next Marvelette video can’t arrive soon enough for me.
    As for the photoset, it’s my favorite Champ-related set in memory.

  • One more thing I forgot to mention
    The photoset, has to be one of the best put out there. Both ladies look stunning and really sell the blows being put worth. Overall much more back and forth in both the video and photoset than expected, a testament to both ladies skills and looks. Both look great whether dishing out damage as winners, or selling it as losers, and Im all here for it. Probably one of my favorite championship releases in a while

  • 😮 … I just noticed the latest “Coming Soon” section on the Championship website… Alias as Sonica!!!!
    You guys must be mind readers!

    • Yes, that’s quite funny, but may become a bit more common. Our biggest move in the last 18 months has been ramping up our photo offering, and as you’ve noticed, you get a lot more shots than in the past, and we don’t want to shrink them for the sake of file sizes. That’s up to you once you’ve bought them.

  • ‘Vicious’ Vicky Vazquez actress plays it really good. Good energy, looks like a real b’tch and the facial expression with the enjoyment beating her opponent. I really like her. Only downside for me and that is really personal are the tattoo’s. But heh new generation of women are most likely under ink.

  • This has to be one of the most appreciated releases we’ve had on this board! Thank you very much for the kind words. Of course, glory must go to the performers who really put in an amazing shift. I’m so pleased with both of them. I hope this video is properly supported and your words of acclaim make any fence-sitters take the risk on it, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed!

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