OUT NOW: Shining Spirit v Wonderstrike

OUT NOW at NGCChampionship.com – Shining Spirit and Wonderstrike battle to find out which of them has the more effective blast, strength, and fighting ability. There is no love lost between a Guardian and Elite Force member, as the Announcer is happy to exploit! Catch all the action HERE NOW!


  • Dr Mabuse says:

    Do yourself a favor and get this video. Many of the best Championship videos, IMO, are those in which the combatants have some history with each other, either they’re friends/colleagues and need to be coerced to fight or they’re enemies/rivals and have bad blood.
    The Elite Force-Guardian Angels rivalry is helping to boost the “bad blood” angle. It’s also bringing out some interesting character traits. For instance, Shining Spirit presents as cherubic befitting a Guardian Angel, but she’s fierce in the ring. I love it. Meanwhile, Wonderstrike’s queen of the ring arc is my favorite thing in the Championship. I know it’s a pipe-dream, but I’d absolutely love to see a big fight between the two heroine squads, like the big supergroup faceoffs comics are always producing (JLA/Avengers, etc.) The Championship has had 2 on 2 fights before; an EF v GA edition would be a big hit, I expect.
    Back to this video. Both heroines here look spectacular, and the fights have a wide variety of attacks/moves, including some decidedly underhanded tactics. Having them trade blasts using their powers was a terrific idea. I love seeing the heroines with powers actually use them when they get a chance.
    Gorgeous photoset, but that’s a given with these two. Wonderful to see them both smiling, at least when they’re not punching each other in the face (yes, they do that.) And yes, they also do the double punch resulting in a twin knockout.

  • Watched the video already. It is brilliant. The actresses that play Wonderstrike and Shining Spirit are brilliant and among my top favorite including Majesty.
    I’m loving that there is more facepunches in the fight choreographies as of late. It is a good begining. I hope to see more fights where facepunches dominates. The NGC girls excel at selling being pucnhed in the face, Wonderstrike and Shining Spirit in particular are suberb at it, so i hope to see more brawl and boxing type fights with them whwre they suffer great defeats and beatdowns.
    Really good video. Recomended.
    A dream would be a 3 for all fight between Wonderstrike, Majesty and Shining Spirit.

  • Excellent action and performances from both actresses.

    And still my record for always voting for the losing character to win remains intact 😆
    Some day I’m gonna get it right!

  • Overall it was great. The 3 actor/actresses were great with lots of great insults and jokes. The ‘she devil / gorilla’ line was funny. Nice mix of fighting between Wonderstrike and Shining Spirit. Liked the Wonderstrike cape flips. Great job on this one ! 🙂

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