OUT NOW: Solaris v Lady Nemesis

OUT NOW at NGCChampionship.com – Solaris tries to free the heroines from the Championship, forcing the Announcer to call for Lady Nemesis to stop her. Two Goddesses do battle for the future of the heroines, and the series! What happens? Find out HERE.



  • Got it this morning and watched it twice. Terrific video with great fighting and acting. Solaris actually holds her own, in the early going of the match, but inevitably she is viciously beaten senseless by Lady Nemesis. Solaris looks incredible as she’s savagely demolished by her opponent, and the end sequence of her defeated and enslaved in chains is memorable. Really well done video with great camera work and excellent directing. Both ladies really sold it quite well. Very well done, NGC!

  • Outstanding!!!
    Another fantastic performance from Solaris, who is quickly becoming a firm favourite.
    The action was amazing. Solaris gave a strong showing at the start, actually knocking a Nemesis around the ring for a bit, which just goes to show how powerful she is. So when the tables turn, it means so much more. The bulk of the video is a one-sided beatdown, with lots nice set pieces.
    Of course the ending is also a big selling point (as you know, since you really have made a feature of it in the promos), with her in that slave outfit, on a leash. Oh wow! 😮
    There’s been a trend in a few recent videos where the bound heroine is forced to call the victorious villain her “Master/Mistress”… and I’m loving it! 😀

    The actress in the Lady Nemesis costume did a fantastic job too. As well as the action, I thought he really put a lot of character into the body language during the dialogue scenes, that really made it mesh perfectly with your voice-over.

    We’ll have to see if the Announcer lives to regret his deal with Lady Nemesis.

    And a stunning photo-set, with lots of gorgeous posed shots of Solaris, as well as plenty of action, and that slave costume in all it’s glory

  • Man, here I was hoping Solaris would be the one to finally put one of those Nemesises in their place, but alas. Regardless, I loved the set up of this fight, it gave it some real stakes for all involved. Solaris was great, whoever was behind the Lady Nemesis mask did a great job of hurling herself about during the first part of the fight. And the Announcer of course is a delight every time he shows up!

  • Very good video from Solaris who over the course of two videos has really grown on me. The actress portrayal of the heroine-goddess is top notch and really adds flavor to this fight. If this was a simple Nemesis beat down fight, reminiscent of so many in the past then I probably would have shrugged at this one. But Solaris acting is what sets this a part. I love me a cocky heroine and Solaris is every bit of that and then some. It’s not just the words she says but the way the actress says it. With confidence, a dash of annoyance and a helpful serving of self righteousness all mixed into one to give this heroine real personality. And boy does it ever make her downfall that much sweater to watch. To see the heroine-goddess choked across the ropes was good. Watching her laid out flat on the floor after talking a big game earlier was wonderful. Seeing her crawl away on all fours to gather herself was satisfying. To watch her cower with the slight look of fear in her eyes as Nemsis stands menacing over her was chefs kiss. Yeah. Solaris was great. Perhaps there’s a bit of work to be done in the vocal department when selling peril but that would be more a cherry on top for a talent that is already extremely good a few videos in. What she’s able to deliver right now is amazing to say the least and no one should miss out on what she’s offering.

  • Well…i liked her a lot if her previous appearances. But I think I may be full blown in love with her now. More Solaria please

    Also, I have to take a guess. Is Lady Nemesis played by Lady X? Or do I just think that because of a previous video

    • I think you may be right about Lady X. There are a couple of photos in the photo-set where you can just about make out her features.
      I also suspected it might have been Shining Spirit who played Lady Nemesis in Lady X’s last video

      • Really? I was guessing the Alias actress. The Shining Spirit actress seems a bit thicker–as in strong, I don’t mean that in a bad way. Certainly the splits are something I’ve only seen Shining Spirit do. It’s anybody’s guess, though. I do think that the Lady X actress is a bit taller; but we can find out more about that shortly, as the Championship website lists an upcoming appearance from Lady X.

        • The main reason I thought it might be the Shining Spirit actress playing Lady Nemesis in “Two Ladies” was that Lady X and Shining Spirit were together on the same location for “Prime Guardian”. So I figured both videos might have been filmed back-to-back.
          And there are a couple of pictures in the “Two Ladies” photo-set where you can *almost* make out some features, and it looked most like Shining Spirit’s very distinctive cheekbones behind the cowl. I could be wrong.

          I’m 99% sure it was Lady X in this weeks video. The fact that she’s also next up for a Championship match shows once again that they probably filmed back-to-back videos on that location with the same actress.

          Either way, both videos had amazing performances from their respective Lady Nemesees 🙂

        • Thats also why I think it might be Lady X is in this one. Im not privy to the shooting schedule, but I would guess there is time to get 2 of these in in a shoot day? In which case if she’s up next then its likely she also played Lady Nemesis

  • I know I’m repeating some things said here already, but this is a really superlative video.
    Solaris really has something special and I’m not (just) talking about her hair. She’s not the strongest yet with dialogue (although she’s doing great for someone whose first language presumably isn’t English), but she has a terrific “powerful/confident” look and an extra-terrific “pacified/docile” look. She really seems to “get” an aspect of this genre that appeals to me (and other viewers, it seems.) This is evident at least as much in the photoset as it is in the video. Beyond that, she’s wonderful at the physical stuff, throws punches and kicks very convincingly, and is great at playing distressed or weak.
    As for this video, most of my favorite Championship entries have a twist or hook of some kind like this one does with Solaris storming the contest in an effort to free the heroines. Someone else pointed out earlier in the week that it’s nice to see references to the underlying scenario of the Championship (captured heroines forced to perform in underground combat) like this. The outcome isn’t in doubt with Lady Nemesis on the bill, but Solaris is in command of the fight for a little while and has a lot more success than anyone else has ever had against a Nemesis. Like Dr. Progress, LN steals her powers before defeating Solaris, which is a testament to how powerful she truly is.
    I loved the little “poison breath” thing LN does to enfeeble Solaris, and her sublime reaction to the misty spell is a perfect example of how gifted Solaris is at that kind of acting. Same with her struggle to recover after being KO’d. She’s a real find.

    • Thank you, this is very kind. She is doing a great job so early on. I know, and understand that people like our heroines to be the finished article right away, but it isn’t easy as most actresses just haven’t done anything like NGC before, but thankfully they are so smart that they pick it up quickly. We’re delighted with her.

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