OUT NOW: Supremacy Alpha

OUT NOW at http://actioncosplay.com – ‘Supremacy Alpha’ stars Supremacy Alpha as she tries to take down #43’s insane illegal broadcasts, and the deranged terrorist with it. Unfortunately for her, he’s acquired a special green rock that weakens her hugely, and she’s in line for the kind of fight she never dreamed she’d have: A losing one. Can she survive to fight another day? Find out now…


  • Loved this video! The new Supremacy is a great actress and these two do a tremendous job with this scenario. I can’t wait to find out what’s next in the Action Cosplay story!

  • Wow! I’ve been eagerly awaiting this video, and it certainly didn’t disappoint. It was awesome! Amazing video. Amazing actress. Back when you first posted her picture, you replied to me with “Wait until you see her move”… and boy, were you right! Can’t wait to see more of her, both in Action Cosplay, and over here in NGC as Alias.

  • I too love the new actress as Supremacy.
    You’ve got a winner there, NGC.
    Hope to see many new adventures in the near future, featuring her as Supremacy.

  • I won’t offer any compliment or critique other than to say that this release was absolutely exceptional. Would hands down recommend to anyone who is on the fence about purchasing.

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