• Darkwrath016 says:

    Oh Solaris. It may have taken me a couple videos to get on the bandwagon but I’m now fully onboard. Beauty, talent, fighting skills, selling peril. She’s got it all and then some making her a true joy to watch on the screen and this video is a exhibit A in what she’s capable of.

    The first thing I want to point out is that I’m convinced the actress playing Solaris has mastered the art of absolute confidence. From the way she talks, to the way she walks you can tell that the goddess thinks very little of her opponents. Even when she’s just standing, she manages to exude this aura of absolute certainty and power. She’s shorter than most and yet she’s mastered the art of looking down at every one of her opponents, both metaphorically and physically. Prime example: She’s initially tied up by Snare, breaks free and rather than engage immediately with Snare, she takes her sweet time turning around as though he’s not even there and proceeds to give him death stare that should have sent him running for the hills. Absolutely brilliant!

    (Honestly watch this video twice. First for the peril. Then, after you’ve gotten your fill of that, watch it again for all the times Solaris is front and center acting).

    What I truly love about this actress though is how she can go from haughty arrogance to complete helplessness all within seconds. For a supposed goddess, she sure does allow herself to be choked quite a bit in this video. Not that I’m complaining because she looks amazing getting her ass handed to her. Which is exactly what happens in the video, particularly in the heroine lose ending. It’s not the biggest beat down a heroine can suffer but it isn’t too far off. With the lose ending spanning a good 9 minute (yes NINE!), three quarters of that run time is devoted to pummeling Solaris from post to post. From punching her in the face to hanging her up in the corner to dragging her by her hair to double teaming her ping pong style, poor Solaris was rendered utterly helpless in this segment. Part of that is the fight sequence but a good chuck of it is Solaris’ ability to sell peril. It’s just so good. Definetly a top tier effort on her part. Can’t say she did anything wrong when performing, making those nine minutes absolutely wonderful to watch and rewatch.

    All of that to say is this: Solaris is awesome. My hope is that for 2024, we continue to get more Solaris. This is an actress that gets what is requested of her in this line of work and proceeds to deliver 200% beyond the asking price. Patriot Girl may be my favorite (and that’s not getting dislodged anytime soon) but Solaris? I dare say she’s a worthy second.

    • I’m pleased to hear she has won you over, a very nice review. I must say that we really toss these actresses in at the deep end with this stuff, most have never worn a costume like this for any reason, many have only done brief fight scenes, some only at drama school to get their accreditation, not a full day of action. AND crucially, they are told to tone everything down in performance for cameras and have that drilled into them by their teachers because 99% of the time that is the correct thing. Not for us though, we require a stage performance for camera. It is a lot to get their heads around and no time in which to make the adjustment. While we endeavour to make every video as good as possible, it usually takes a couple of shoots for them to get locked into their performance.

  • Wow!!! What a way to kick off the new year here at NGC.
    Spectacular video! It’s like you put together all the things I love to see, and put them in one video 😀
    Two amazing heroines, giving their all, with sensational performances and fantastic action. They really were a dream team.
    Rope-work, courtesy of Snare. Always great to see him back. The Announcer getting stuck in with the action (I always love when he does. “Celestia the Jobber” and “The Announcement” are two of my very favourites) and lots of funny banter.
    Loved it all 🙂

  • A lot of good stuff in this one. Team Gold got along despite some initial verbal catfighting. Liked how Solaris can arch her eyebrows, which is hard to do. Both actresses were great at the acting and fighting. Snare provided some good rope fighting and restraining tricks. The Announcer was a worthy opponent despite being mocked by Solaris and Lady X. All in all a great video and long too ! ( about 22 minutes) 🙂

  • Could not have started out 2024 more perfectly. The pairing of Lady X and Solaris was perfect, each actress gave stellar performances, and the fighting ring provided the perfect format. I continue to be an ardent fan of Lady X, as the actress just seems to go beyond the call of duty time and time again. She provides terrific action, exhibits tremendous athletic skills, and is a top-notch actress. And the actress portraying Solaris performed outstanding in this video, showing great acting skills and selling the peril sequences like a seasoned pro. I just really felt like both women truly gave it their all, making for a tremendous pairing. And as usual, the camerawork, lighting, and fight choreography were excellent. Overall, a great way to kick off the new year. Thanks to all involved…again!

  • Others have said it more eloquently, but this is a great video. The Championship is in a good place, I think, because every video feels like an event, with unique features that make them worthwhile. This is a generously long video and all the performers are terrific. Lady X is a bona fide star and the sun goddess is stunning. She’s got two absolutely killer acts down perfectly: unassailable confidence and pitiful subjection. Everyone handles the combat well, it’s fun to see the Announcer get into it, and Snare is always welcome to any video.

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