OUT NOW: Ubiquity v Midnight

OUT NOW at NGCChampionship.com – Ubiquity v Midnight, all set up by the Announcer to ensure our heroine is crushed, and it seems like everything goes to plan as Ubiquity is pinned and taps out multiple times! Catch all the action HERE


  • Loved it. Ubiquity is probably my favorite character (and the actress is pretty good too), Midnight makes for a great heavy, and The Announcer is at his smug best!

  • Excellent video!
    Ubiquity was incredible. Not only is she believable at selling the fast-paced action, she’s also a very naturalistic actress. Midnight was great too. In all three of his videos so far he’s excelled at portraying a brutal and merciless opponent (although the moment where he randomly chills on the ropes was a nice little touch of fun). So the two of them together made for some awesome and intense combat scenes.

  • Ah yes, the girl i once mistook her for who plays Shining Light. Will i ever be forgiven by the two? In my defense, those two are amazing rarities in both looks and skill.

  • I enjoyed this one a lot! Ubiquity is incredibly charming and I loved watching her bicker with the Announcer, then get completely trounced in the fight. Looking forward to seeing a lot more of her and of Midnight, who truly earns his moniker by repeatedly putting the heroine to sleep. He’s got personality as well, which is great to see.

    • Yes I really enjoy working with her, a really good actress and strong fighter. Difficult to find so definitely want to hang on to them when you get them.

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