OUT NOW: ‘Unfair’ at NGC Championship

‘Unfair’ is OUT NOW – Celestia and Candy get their asses handed to them all over the ring by the dastardly villainous duo of Myanna and Sister Fate. With halved powers and the bad girls carrying weapons this is only going to end one way. Very one-sided. Very ‘Unfair’. OUT NOW at http://ngcchampionship.com


  • Really an amazing fight!

    BTW: I a new fighter “Majesty”. She looks amazing, too! Are there any plans for a full/story episode with her?

  • My two utterly unimportant comments:
    1- A pity they went for Chase with tied up hair, as she has one of the most beautiful long hair in the NCG girls team, being tied up loses some of it’s glowing glorious beauty;
    2- Again the lack of face punching in this fights, despite the fact the girls, especially Chase, being EXTREMELY GOOD at selling them. By now i believe it has become something of a negative fetishism among the makers of NGC fight videos that facepunching is to be disregarded with extreme prejudice.
    Just my two worthless cents, that’s all.

    • Chase? You mean Candy Race? I can promise you I give precisely zero thought to carrying out or not carrying out face punches. Some fights have more than others purely by accident. I certainly don’t have even the energy to conspire to remove face punching from the fights. I really don’t think about it on that level.

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