OUT NOW: Unholy Alliance starring Marvelette

OUT NOW at ActionCosplay.com – Marvelette gets double-teamed by the vicious alliance of the Mob and Chaotica as they attempt to blackmail and beat her into submission. See all the action HERE


  • An instant buy for me and I’m not disappointed. The trailer makes clear what this one’s about: a couple of bad guys punishing poor Marvelette for the length of the video, ending with her unmasked and drugged, but many of the pleasures in this video are in the performances. Marvelette is already a well-proven talent and absolutely beautiful (and her accent is delicious.) She’s already done a few chloroform scenes in her relatively short tenure, but she can keep doing them as far as I’m concerned as each one has had its own unique touches. Some people are just good at that aspect.
    The mobster Morone (is that Snare? Glad to see him back!) is also quite good, but I want to make sure to praise Chaotica, who’s a breakout star, IMO. There aren’t many villainesses that I would rank with Malicia Divine, but she’s there for me. In every video so far she’s had a couple line deliveries that are genuinely laugh-worthy and has established Chaotica as an unhinged terrorist, a wrongdoer for the sake of wrongdoing with respect for no one (not even her ally “Mr. Moron(e)”!) except of course for her beloved Danarchy. I’d say that she and Marvelette have established a rivalry, but it’s not much of a rivalry so far. Chaotica just keeps preying on the hapless Marvelette. Even Starshot had a moment or two of success against Malicia.

  • Great video, with excellent performances from all three.
    It’s always a pleasure to see more of the Marvelette/Shining Spirit actress. She was an instant hit with me, and she’s still knocking it out of the park. This was more of a one-sided beatdown than her previous appearances (well, except for “Who Will Be My Bride?” as Shining Spirit).
    The action was amazing. I particularly loved all the stuff with the sledgehammer.
    It was great to see the Snare actor still around (I know he’s also appeared in several recent photo-sets too) because he’s a lot of fun.
    I’ll echo Dr Mabuse’s comments about Chaotica. She’s always a joy to watch.
    Wonderful photo-set too 🙂

    • Thanks to all for reviews. I’m pleased this was enjoyed. I knew as soon as I booked it that it would be good though, because all 3 performers always nail it. Thanks for the support.

  • Late to the party on this one, but man what an amazing film. The fantastic Chaotica continues to torment poor Marvelette 🙂 . Just a complete one-sided beatdown. The actress for Marvelette keeps getting better at her chloro scenes, and she embodies the heroine physique with those impressively toned arms O.O . I loved the lighting in this one as well. Great work all around! Hoping to see a Marvelette – Supremacy Beta team-up (and defeat) in the near future!

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