OUT NOW at http://painleague.com … When Anna Coburg mysteriously goes AWOL, a new fighter is needed to take on Damnation as she fights for a title shot. Jennifer gets the call and Damnation is delighted, she knows she can easily win and get her big shot at the next event. But maybe Jennifer has a plan to stop the celebs merely being punching bags?

Full details at http://painleague.com


  • Wow! I’ve liked most of the UPL episodes so far, but this is my favorite entry by a comfortable margin! The buildup to the finale is working quite well. The fight is excellent. Damnation and Jennifer Appleby are arguably the best two performers in the cast and they don’t hold anything back. Damnation absolutely clocks Jennifer a couple of times (at 5:30 and 8:30) with just about the best punches I’ve seen in one of these vids.
    Love the backstage drama as well. The hostility between hostesses (Miranda and Polly) is delicious. I’d definitely pay to see the two of them face off (or Electra v Leanne). I can’t wait to see what happens in the last video.

  • Justin Guitard says:

    Got the email and it really sucks that pain league is having a series finale. I really enjoyed all of the videos that were released and the actresses that made the videos look good. Hope some of them are in some future NGC content

    • AndrewAdmin says:

      UPL was shot from June to October 2019. Had there not been a pandemic I would have shot more last year, but it is very labour intensive for the amount of sales that comes back. Also, it takes usually at least 3 shoots to build good rapport with people so they’ll come back regularly. Unfortunately a lot of the people involved have moved on and I’ve got other stuff on my plate, such as getting NGC back to full strength when we are able to film, so sadly, I can’t reboot this. You’ve already seen a couple of people migrate from here into NGC and there may be 1 or 2 more if we’re lucky.

  • I’m loving the new tension between Polly and Miranda! I really hope you’re setting up a match between those two!

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