OUT NOW: UPL#7 – Tiffany v Sinfonia

OUT NOW at http://painleague.com – Tiffany Bell is desperate to get her first UPL win, and after being drawn against Anna Coburg, she is feeling confident. However, when it is announced that Anna is on strike the whole broadcast is thrown into chaos! The Coburg’s must be punished and so Sinfonia is sent to the ring in her cousins place without any preparation. It all sounds like good news for Tiffany, unless Sinfonia happens to be good at fighting that is… Watch all the action NOW at http://painleague.com


  • I think this is my favorite UPL episode yet. Both fighters are wonderful and the backstage drama is fun. This could be the most evenly matched fight so far, I think. I wasn’t entirely sure who would win until the count was over. Also, I loved Leanne Proudly’s Gareth Keenan moment (“Assistant Head Booker…”).

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