OUT NOW: What’s In A Name?

OUT NOW at ActionCosplay.com – ‘What’s In A Name?’ stars Miracle Girl in her quest to defeat Damian for his mistreatment of other Federation heroines. Damian knows all about this young powerhouse, including how her youth and inexperience have prevented the Amazonians from crowning her as the full ‘Miracle Maiden’. Using this against her, and her one true weakness… Damian aims to add another heroine to his collection! Catch all the action HERE.


  • Bought and watched this video a short time ago (as well as the related photoset). Based on the previews released in the previous few days, I suspected that this would be a good debut for the actress portraying Miracle Girl, and I’m happy to say that my suspicions were correct: she gave a solid debut performance and the video itself overall had terrific action and fight sequences. The actress looked fantastic in the Miracle Girl costume, sold her performance well, and had some great facial expressions throughout. I was thoroughly entertained and am hopeful that we will see more of her in future releases.

  • Your track record for excellent casting continues 😀
    This was an awesome debut for the new actress. She nailed the action. She a particularly great job of showing the fight get gradually knocked out of her over the course of the video, especially with the added burden of the Masculum chain, to the point where she couldn’t do anymore, and was helpless on the floor.
    She looked spectacular in the outfit. It was great to see that outfit return to a video anyway, but with her figure, she looks suitably Amazonian wearing it.
    Based on this video, I’ll definitely be hoping to see more of her again 🙂

  • Overall the Miracle Girl actress is good at acting and fighting. Hope she returns as Miracle Girl again ! 🙂

  • Highly enjoyed Miracle Girl. My only complaint would be that the film felt a bit slight, and I was hoping for some more KO’s, but I suppose that will come with time. Assuming shes sticking around of course.

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