OUT NOW: Wonderstrike v Vicious Vicky

OUT NOW at NGChampionship.com – Wonderstrike v Vicious Vicky Vazquez… Two women protecting winning records, but someone has to lose, and you made the choice! Which of these two is laid out for the 10-count? Find out now!


  • I thought that this one was great ! The trash talk at the beginning was funny. Lots of good fight moves by both Wonderstrike and Vicious Vicky. I liked Wonderstrike’s swag in this one, especially the hair toss at the very end of the video ! The picture set and Behind the scenes video with Celestia were also great ! 🙂

  • Another fun Championship match.
    Wonderstrike is a joy to watch, fitting in lots of little character touches, like the hair toss that Dr G mentioned. Once again, Vicious Vicky makes a great antagonist in the ring, just like last time against Shining Spirit. The action between the two wass excellent (loved the leg choke while hanging from the bars, and the continuation of the beatdown on the ropes after the count had been called) as was the trash talk 😀
    Wonderful accompanying photo-set, with some lovely shots of both combatants (nice to see Vicious Vicky get some spotlight too 🙂 ) and some awesome posed action.

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