Parallel Maidens – 1st Previews

Out FRIDAY at – Miracle Maiden is stunned during a TV interview when #43 ambushes her. He has a powerful gadget capable of traversing parallel universes and swapping her power with her equivalent from across those worlds. The trouble is, he doesn’t know if it will make her stronger, weaker, or even evil! Miracle Maiden must deal with the volatile shifts in power and personality to overcome the villain!


  • Is there a way to purchase the free gift of Celestia a’s Supergirl? I bought the proper video but apparently too late. I would love to have it!

    • Sorry, it gets removed when the time elapses. Member Gifts are time-limited to further incentivise buying the new release. If they were readily available after that then people could ignore the time limit. I want people to keep supporting new releases, especially right now, so we can make more.

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