Perfect Practice – Part 1: 1st Previews

Out on Friday for Members, Sunday on this website… ‘Perfect Practice – Part 1’ gives an insight into the nefarious activities of certain villains that the world and the heroine community are unaware of. Ignus Labs have created a version of Captain Liberty that clients can use for practice combat, should they ever face the real thing. However, at the moment she is a base model, and an expert is required to bring things up to speed. Enter ‘The Duke’ – a villain with his dirty fingers in many villainous pies. He is going to create a Captain Liberty combat experience that has to be seen to be believed!


  • Sounds great! Looks great! And the Captain Liberty actress always knocks it out of the park, so I can confidently predict this will be awesome.

    I know a lot of people always go on about her skirt, but I really love BOTH of her outfit variations, so I’m very happy to see her wear this version again, which I don’t think she’s worn since all the way back in Special Measures.

    On the subject of costumes, the Duke’s jacket is cool

  • Dr Mabuse says:

    Man, that first image makes me think. It looks like he’s watching Celestia’s fight with Virtue (utilizing her signature scissor) from way back when Virtue was with the Liberty Alliance and Celestia was “recruited” (aka kidnapped) as a potential member. The Liberty Alliance was the brainchild of archvillain John Roman… could he be behind this “Ignus Labs”?

  • Pants fan here, since she is basically so close to having a full bodysuit, so I´m glad to have those back!! the more silver the better!

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