Perfect Practice – Part 1: Final Previews

Out TODAY for Members, Sunday on this website… ‘Perfect Practice – Part 1’ sees the nefarious Duke consulting Ignus Labs on how to create the perfect superheroine simulant. In this case, a version of Captain Liberty that is supposed to be an accurate representation of fighting the real thing. Unfortunately for Ignus, the Duke likes winning more than he cares for the integrity of their program, and begins to turn their simulant into the ultimate defeat-bot… Where will it all end? This one is in member inboxes already.



  • Dr Mabuse says:

    Very fun video! Much credit in this one to the performers for committing to some silly elements, especially CL (who looks spectacular as usual). This video strikes me as a dramatization of what making a custom is like: two collaborators want to make realistic and effective heroine combat, but also have a bit of fun with the defeat of a resisting, but overmatched heroine.
    There are several good gags in this one, like inviting the Duke to choose an opponent even though there’s only one choice available (harkens back to Python’s “Cheese Shop” sketch, although in that case there were no options), the modem sounds, the simulant singing “Daisy Bell”. The video could’ve been called “Peak Practice” but Yanks wouldn’t get the reference. I’m American and I’ve only heard of that show in a joke on The Office.
    When I saw on Monday that this week’s video would be Cap Liberty I thought “Finally! It’s been forever since we last saw her!” but in truth it was only a couple of months. That’s clearly too long for me, though, so I’m glad there’s Part 2 on the way (and more CL to come, I hope.)

  • I echo Dr Mabuse’s comments.
    A very entertaining video, with lots of fun moments, both in the action (the choking part, and running into the fist) and in the dialogue (loved the joke about Athena and Infinity Girl being unavailable 😆 I know you guys must get that a lot)
    Of course, that’s fine for me, because the Captain has been my joint-favourite for a while now (if her and Alias ever appear in a video together, it may be too much for me to handle 😆 ).
    Her performance here was as amazing as ever, as she gradually gets programed over the course of the video. It gave the actress something a little different to do (just like in her last video, when she became the Dominator) and I could tell she had fun with it.
    I also loved those direct-to-camera action poses in the photo set.
    Can’t wait for part 2, and to see what else the Duke plans to do with her.

  • Overall it was good. Sometimes the Duke was a bit creepy. The idea was similar to the video where a villain was fighting a Spectrum simulation to try and figure out how to defeat Spectrum with her changing of powers 🙂

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