Perfect Practice – Part 2: 1st Previews

Out on Friday for Members, Sunday on this website… ‘Perfect Practice – Part 2’ catches up with the Duke’s attempts to create the ultimate superheroine simulation… for his own enjoyment, and to the confusion of his sponsor Ignus Labs. Things are getting just a little bit strange when the REAL Captain Liberty shows up! This spells trouble!



  • I loved the first part, and was already looking forward to the second part… but now I am even more!
    Both Captain Liberty costumes, AND the Infinity Girl suit?! … aw YES!
    (well, you did drop the hint in the first part)

    I can only imagine what the real Captain Liberty’s reaction will be when she sees the Duke’s sparring practice 😆

  • i remember one of my favourite bearhugs was Infinity Girl in the Settling Scores video…glad to see it recreated here with Captain Liberty! She looks great in that, hope it is used for a long time in the simulation during the video!

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