Photo of the Day: April 12th

This week we pay homage to the stars and characters of our satellite sites. This one carried the first 6 Action Cosplay videos, and of course did an amazing job!


  • Hi,

    I emailed about this a few weeks ago but think it was missed. I’d like to buy the Aurora as Miss Freedom photoset from November. Unfortunately, I seem to have never received a member’s email for it (although I do usually receive the emails). Can you re-send it so I can purchase?

    Also, well done on the great content!


    • Hi Alan, I don’t know where your email went, but I responded on March 21st the last time you posted on here and I emailed you. Can you find that one?

      • Thanks for the reply.

        Weirdly I didn’t get one from you on the 21st – just a normal member’s one later in the week. I’ve just checked my junk and one member’s email is randomly in there (although all the others are fine – stupid Hotmail!). Perhaps your reply to me went to my junk and I missed it?

        Any chance you could email again? The problem should be resolved on my end now.



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