• I guess destroying the costume made for a great movie but kind of wrecked any future Metro-Girl films. She looked great in that costume ! 🙂

  • The costume destruction was a terrific ending to a terrific video, but I’m very sorry that it’s the end for this look. Given the outcome of the video, I was expecting Metro Girl’s next appearance to be as a slave/automaton forced to do the NPG’s bidding in the same costume, jerry-rigged back together by the group with random tech or patches in the damaged spots, sort of like Frankenstein’s monster or “Locutus of Borg” from TNG.

    • In that vein I wouldn´t mind she using the destroyed costume and barely being able to obtain power from it, having to use her wits to escape a sticky situation. Whether she fails or succeeds I still think we the fans win in every scenario ^^

    • Lowkey I’m still crossing my fingers for a story like this with Metro Girl, lol. Either slave to NPG or maybe a government official uses a reset code to reprogram her into a loyal worker to stop a community uprising or something. So much potential for a brainwashed Metro Girl!!!

  • Through the years the stars have aligned, and NGC has produced some videos that are literal dreams scenarios of mine I would have probably paid as customs (if I had the money). In this case I hope the stars align again, she someday gets a new costume and we see her totally squashed in a championship match in the ring where she is able to ditch those boots and not slide around like in an ice skating ring. Those fullbody cosplay bodysuits are a sight to behold (the photosets prove it) and the actress certainly has supermodel looks and has developed great acting skills!

      • Yes! Or get shorter boots or heels (Like Bluebird wore once) to show more of that suit. It covers the feet so it’s like a second skin thing, getting a look much like Mystique from the X men movies

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