Photo of the Day: April 16th

How did Majesty fare against Snare in her undercover operation? Not too well. This one is released TODAY for ALL on this website! Check it out!


  • Quite simply, a must own if you are a bondage fan, and also, a very terrific video overall. Others have already mentioned the standout performance by Majesty, which I second, but I believe Dr. Mabuse hinted at a Snare renaissance. I know it’d be impossible to get all the actresses in the same room at the same time, but how great would a Snare arc be with the final showdown being him vs one of the NGC heroines, with 3 to 5 of his other “conquests” in the background bound and on display? A final boss battle if you will, with the fate of Elite Force in the balance.
    Anywho, fantastic stuff as always, thanks for the great work!

      • I “wished” for a Snare renaissance more than “hinted” at one! I love your idea, Mitch, but I’d be happy with a “Snare arc” of any shape. Just having Snare face two heroines at once, something we’ve never seen before, would be amazing.
        By the way, this shot with Majesty roped by the neck and ankles was great in the video and I was very glad to see it reproduced in the photoset.

    • +1 on Mitch’s comments.
      I always liked the way this actress handles being tied up.
      Please, feel free to put her in a “bind” any time….and often.

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