Photo of the Day: April 19th

A shot from another Heroine v Heroine video. Like this week’s release. What has been your fave H v H battle? You can include Championship ones if you like.


  • That’s hard. There have been some knockout, drag outs. But for me, it would probably be Celestia vs Bluebird, of Miss Freedom vs Bluebird. If we include training room videos, the chloroform match between Bluebied and Angel was a great one as well.

  • Yes, ‘Seeing Double’ was great fun

    Going back a ways, ‘Warpath’ / ‘Bitter Vengeance’. Bluebird wasn’t messing around!
    Also ‘Chaos Element’. The way it was done was so cool

    More recently, both ‘Heroine Collecting’ vids were awesome, and like Dr G said, ‘Suggested Leader’

  • I’ve just finished watching the new video, so now I want to change my answer to ‘Adjustments’ 😀
    Holy Moly! That was awesome 😮

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