Photo of the Day: April 1st

Sonica was no fool when she fought The Masked Man, though I think she did lose… but not foolishly.


  • Darkwrath016 says:

    There’s a list of heroines that this pandemic has robbed me of and Sonica is #2 on that list. Such an amazing, talented and gorgeous actress. Truly one of the best.

  • Justin Guitard says:

    If the actress that played Sonica can’t come back then who else can’t come back. Cause I hope the ones that play Majesty, Celestia, Miss Freedom and Spectrum can return

  • Forgive me for being rather blunt, but I think I missed something…the actress who played Sonica will never be back because Covid took her?

    • AndrewAdmin says:

      @bleh – NO. If someone had died of covid I wouldn’t be putting up pictures of them on this blog. When we release a video it doesn’t mean it was shot last week. It could be over a year old, especially in these times. People move on with their lives.

  • Darkwrath016 says:

    @bleh sorry if I confused you but when I used the word “robbed” in that context, I was referring to the fact that there are clearly a couple actresses whose last shoot was most likely 2019 based on what I can observe and that the pandemic (rightfully so) didn’t make them comfortable with wanting to shoot in 2020. We’re now a year into this Covid stuff and it doesn’t look like if it’ll be ending any time soon so it’ll only be natural if many actresses did something else with their time and thus aren’t particularly interested in SHIP film stuff. I hope not. Many of them were great but the pandemic “robbed” me of their performances.

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