Photo of the Day: April 21st

OUT TODAY for Everyone! ‘Adjustments’ will take some adjusting to… Will the Guardian Angels ever be the same?


  • Darkwrath016 says:

    The heroines in the story are really taking it in the teeth these days. Wonderstrike kidnapped. Alias MIA? Captain Liberty dead. Lady X on the run. Patriot Girl blind. These are trying times for the gals.

  • Not bad. Lady X’s escape seems to preclude the development of my idea of having Sin do her a good turn for old times’ sake, and I would have thought that the petulant brat of a heroine would blame herself for any abuse inflicted on her by Killscape, or on a misunderstanding, after the way that he raised her out of the gutter and gave her power and position. I suppose that there are two directions she could go now. She could go to offer her services to the bureaucratic and bungling Elite Force, or she could go seek shelter from Sin in a “you were right about him all along” sort of scene. As for Sin, she might greedily offer her services to Killscape, perhaps after a demonstration of her power to get his attention. On the other hand, she might still come into conflict with Killscape and his pretense of being a defender of justice, through her criminal activities and her independent streak of exclusively taking care of herself, and hitching her wagon to no man’s cart.
    Another surprize was the slapstick comedy manner in which Lady X escaped, as I had been under the impression that the lighter material was for Action Cosplay and VTV and the things with Reggie, but that the story was taken a little more seriously, with characters a little less the two dimensional characters straight from a silver age comic book. Not that I dislike that sort of thing; my favorite videos come from Action Cosplay. I just thought that Lady X and Sin were kind of interesting characters, being from the wrong side of the tracks, with psychological hang-ups and murky motivations. It was fine though. The way the actress plays Patriot Girl leads me to suspect that you have an understanding of he term “a Karen,” and it is always a pleasure to see her get hers, even if it is through the actions of a bumbling sidekick straight out of the Keystone Cops.

      • Well, maybe if the injury was permanent, I might classify that ending as darkly comic. That possibility hadn’t occurred to me when I wrote that, and I wrote that immediately upon watching the video. Another thought that occurred to me, after some time to let it sink in, was that a permenant injury seemed to be Lady X’s intent when she gave Shining Spirit that command. Just the way the actress played it, with a lot of malice. I consider malice to be understandable under the circumstances. She was considerably provoked. Still, it showed a dark side to the petulant do-gooder which might be promising going forward. Nonetheless, I stand by my comment that the manner in which Lady X prevailed, through one of her attackers overeagerly misfiring and knocking the other attacker out, is a slapstick comic device, especially when the attacker have the matter well in hand.
        I have one other observation about potentially dark twists that might result from this plot twist. Even if Patriot Girl’s injury was only temporary, as I initially just assumed, she and Shining Spirit are probably in big trouble with the paranoid Killscape. I wouldn’t want to be in their shoes.
        So don’t get me wrong. I thought this was an interesting entry in the story. I wouldn’t have written so much about it if I weren’t intrigued with the possibiities. Good plot twist, good characters, good writing. Good job.

  • Story entry! The Guardian Angels assemble for the first time (it helps that their numbers have dwindled to just these three) and it’s not friendly. Shining Spirit and Lady X have been at each other’s throats before (non-canon), but there’s no reason to think that Killscape hasn’t been pitting them against each other in subtler ways in the story as well, so when the gloves come off here, they really come off.
    Lady X puts up a really good fight against her former colleagues for a while, especially since her power fails to work against Patriot-Girl. Of course, Lady X is fighting for her life here, so she’s highly motivated. All the actors do fine work here with their characters. Lady X is always terrific and the Patriot-Girl actress does a tremendous job of committing to how thoroughly unlikeable she is.
    I assume folks reading this have seen it, but if not stop now.
    The title seriously underbills the seismic changes taking place. Hard to see where the Guardian Angels go from here. Lady X is never coming back, Patriot-Girl may be permanently disabled, and Shining Spirit has to be devastated by what happened. Personally, I hope the group can survive somehow, even bounce back. I certainly hope Patriot-Girl’s arc isn’t over. Maybe this is just the taste of poetic justice she needs. I’d like for Killscape’s group to continue serving as an alternative/contrast to Elite Force.
    Some nuggets of information here, if we can trust anything said in this circle. Captain Liberty is (maybe) confirmed dead, and perhaps Alias as well. Lady X suggests that Wonderstrike was involved somehow. Could be something Killscape would say to explain her absence, or it could be that the two of them ended up together after their respective abductions and it ended badly, for Alias at least.
    Regardless, I cannot wait to find out what happens next.

    • Really pleased you enjoyed it. Hopefully I can do it justice, but it is one thing to think of a plot and another to be allowed to film it.

  • It is probably no surprise to anyone by now, but the straight up combat videos are not usually my favorites here.


    This one, in which you have put 2 of the best combat actresses you have ever employed (in my opinion) against each was solid gold. I think if anyone asked me how this website and its content has evolved over the years, this would be the video I would show to display what the “now” looks like.

    Really high quality stuff, and I thought the ending was superb. Looking forward to the next chapter and thanks for all the work your team does!

    • Very kind. They all did a great job, and yes, while it is heavy on combat (which is always a large slice of what we do), I think it is quite different from what we were doing 5-10 years ago.

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