Photo of the Day: April 23rd

OUT TODAY! Who is the ‘Prime Guardian’? Lady X and Shining Spirit battle for Killscape’s favour and the subscribers of the Villain Network’s delight!


  • POLL: Could Shining Spirit be any more cute?

    *flips through results*

    ANSWER: No

    [footnote] Lady X, also incredibly cute, and I must say I greatly enjoyed her heel turn here. Not a lot of lines for either actress in this one (straight action!), but they absolutely nailed all of their dialogue. Loved this one way more than I thought I would!

  • Would like to see Lady X try and use her powers more. Still not too sure what her powers are. It would be fun to see Shining Spirit take on ‘evil’ creatures like the Infected 🙂

  • Excellent video, NGC.
    I’m really warming up to LadyX with each video she does.
    She seems to be less and less “helpless” (for lack of a better word) as time goes on.
    Anyway, thanks for another good time. Look forward to the NEXT GLOBAL CRISIS (see what I did there? =D ).

    • I actually love how helpless and anxious she is. But becoming cockier will only set her up for more humiliating defeats. Looking forward to more Lady X!

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