• It’ll be fun finding out and, who knows, maybe Deceptress will triumph.
    I mean, it could happen, perhaps, maybe…

  • I prefer, by far, when heroines loses badly to a villain, especially heroines with long hair, getting a tonne of facepunches during the fight from begining to end – in what is usually called a one sided beating.Erica Lynn and Candy Race are excellent at selling those facepunches, i wish i could see more of that, please, pretty pretty please with sugar on top and a cherry with icecream and strawberries and chocolate nuggets.

    • Okay I’ve definitely heard you about the face-punching. Bear in mind I can’t throw away what we’ve already shot and we can’t shoot anything at the moment, so requesting face-punches isn’t going to achieve anything I’m afraid as long as we’re in lock down.

    • This weeks set doesn’t include that shot, it is all modelling. We’ll release the set this is from at some point in the future.

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