Photo Of The Day: August 13th

They make quite a team… but are they even alive anymore? Find out TODAY as we release ‘In The End, Silence’ on this very website!


  • I very much enjoyed this one (well, that was a given, considering it had Ubiquity in it). Where does the story go next, i wonder…

  • Sorry for the very late comment, but I guess it’s ok now to discuss what happened in this story entry? I wondered whether there might actually be a dire fate for one or both heroines here, but just when it seemed like Ubiquity and Captain Liberty were done for, the infected Darkheart drops dead. Something similar happened in “Families That Kill Together” right when Majesty and Princess were at the mercy of the probably-merciless marauder. Is there some common explanation or is something else going on?
    I certainly didn’t want to see a permanent end to either of these heroines, but after this many encounters between the heroines and the infected, we still haven’t seen a loss. I thought maybe we have actually at one point, but putting that speculation aside, I’m curious what would happen if the heroines did lose to infected rampagers. Would they just kill them? Carry them off? Would they become infected themselves?
    I’m also curious about how the villain community is handling all this. Arantxa Luner hatched this plan way back in “Spoils of Chaos”; is she taking advantage of it in some way or has it gotten too out of control even for her? The Duke, whom she was trying to recruit to her scheme, appears to be working to control the infection based on his actions in “Gain of Function”, although who knows why. Others (Darius Dread, whoever Felina is working with) seem to be doing likewise, all by trying to exploit Wonderstrike’s blast, which is the only thing that can stop them permanently. Or so we believe.
    Regardless, with Wonderstrike and Alias both abducted, the power to neutralize the infected is in unknown or untrustworthy hands. Bottom line, I also wonder where the story goes next, since the pitch can’t be more feverish.
    All that aside, I love a team-up and with these two heroines you can’t go wrong.

    • Hopefully I can make it satisfactory. The story has always had to struggle under the weight of the availability of actors. Because it has lasted for years, and even quite straightforward arcs take 2 years to play out, you find that someone who was going to be important now can’t be. I like what I’ve written for it, but I can never be certain I will actually make that.

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