Photo of the Day: August 16th

She will forever be a marvel as far as I’m concerned, despite getting her butt-kicked in every video!


  • Yes, but I loved seeing that beautiful butt of hers get kicked in every video. All kidding aside, she was a great trooper for the site and always gave a wonderful acting job for fans of the genre. And she was cute as a button.

  • Always amazing!
    She starred in some of my favourite AC videos. The Generation Z and Raising the Bar two parters, Anti-Heroic, and, of course, Marvelette & the Mob / Falcone’s Pet.

    And those eyes get me every time 😮

  • I always loved her performances. Got every video she made. She was so much fun. Loved the feel she gave of an ordinary girl in a superheroine suit, in over her head, trying to fake it. And she gave some nice little touches, like acting like she had gotten a scratch when Feline Fury scratched her, instead of just giving the usual scream. Rather beautiful face too; I just noticed that.

  • She looked fantastic in that costume and we loved every moment of it.

    Really felt her injury came when she was hitting her stride so hard! Every video with her was a hit both In NGC and AC

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