• Shiny as F***!!
    I´ve been following that costume since it was on the other side of the Atlantic with that producer that made the Heroine Kombat series and I´m glad it still exists, looks awesome!

  • Prayers answered!
    Hi Andrew, a while back I emailed to say please try Captain Liberty in the Infinity Girl costume (or the new Celestia costume) and you’ve done it! I think this costume suits her better than the previous one.
    If you want to walk into a wall of money then please reshoot ‘Fallen Angel’ or ‘Celestia Bad Idea’ or ‘Deceptress Destroyed’ with this girl in this costume.
    I predict that would break the internet!
    Thanks again, great work!

    P.S. Ditto the new Majesty.

    • AndrewAdmin says:

      @sj – I’m glad you enjoyed it, but this isn’t her costume so she’ll be returning to her main one for the bulk of future videos, but maybe we’ll play around with something else once in a while.

  • Late comment…
    I did like this photoset, she’s gorgeous, so feminine with the body of a strong athlete. The lipstick was a nice finishing touch. Great photoset.

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