Photo of the Day: August 24th

Malicia loves to kick things, usually superheroines!


  • She0s a brilliant actress that plays with such relish her villain role that is so infectious.
    My only observation is that i wish she would give more punches/punishment on the heroines than taking from them. She is always the punching bag of all the heroines, which denies a bit her dangerousness. In my humble opinion, she should always be the dominant fighter, she should give the heroines a lot of hurt and pain, and she should always win. In my opinion a charismatic villain like her should be always invencible and her purpose to beat the hell out of the heroines. But that’s me.
    If i had a F/F outflit like NGC, in would feel so proud and previledged to have somebody like her as part of the team.

    • @Deckard – She’s not a power character, if she were relentlessly strong and always won (like Nemesis) then it somewhat wastes her range.

  • Malicia being on the receiving end of a humiliating and humbling knockout fest is something I can get behind any day. Maybe even by Nemesis

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