• Excellent video!
    What impressed me most was that it was stuffed full of character moments. Very important, since this was the debut of a new heroine. And what an awesome heroine she is. I really liked the actress when she first appeared over at AC the other week, but she plays Patriot-Girl in a totally different way (and not just the accent). Patriot-Girl is delightfully arrogant, which leads to a whole lot of fun. Definitely can’t wait to see more of her! Looking forward to seeing her in the main story.

    Ubiquity was also excellent. She’s been in a couple of NGC vids before, but she also gets to show a different side to her character here. The highlight of the video was the constant verbal swiping between the two heroines. Even flat-out refusing to help each other (the moment where Lady Nemesis grabs Ubiquity’s wrist and forces her to tag Patriot-Girl was gold 😆 )
    Lady Nemesis may have been the baddie, but the heroines were definitely competing against each other in this one. Very fun!

    Great photo-set too 🙂

  • Excellent video! Nice debut for Patriot Girl and we learned quite a bit about her. They say adversity reveals character, and that was really the case here. We’ve seen boastful, egotistical heroines before, but I think PG breaks new ground on that front. She may be really powerful, she had a bit of luck knocking Lady Nemesis around, but after she learns what she’s dealing with she radically changes her attitude toward her partner while tagging her in, cowers from her opponent after returning to the ring, and refuses to help Ubiquity when she needs it. I especially loved her transparent, but emphatically delivered, dishonesty. She also looks great and can act well. Can’t wait to see more of her in a different setting.
    I was thrilled to see Jennifer from UPL return as Ubiquity and she’s just wonderful here as well. Lady Nemesis is coldly effective, she’s not as chatty as “Lord” (I guess) Nemesis, at least in this video, preferring to spend her time stomping on our heroines. She’s got style, too.
    A very enjoyable Championship entry.

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